Basqueart About Us

A Basque native of Donostia-San Sebastian, Sol is a Social and Cultural Anthropologist, also holds a B.A. in Tourism and a postgraduate degree in Basque Studies. Mother of two American boys, she lived and worked in the Washington, D.C. area for 11 years before returning to Spain in 2000.

In that year, following an impulse, she walked, as a “solo traveler”, the French Camino and immediately fell in love with it. This enriching experience inspired her to found Basqueart with the aim of sharing and spread the Basque Country culture organizing and sponsoring watercolour workshops with American artists.

The following years, Sol walked the various Caminos to Santiago. Taking another step, she worked as tour leader of American, Australian and Canadian groups on the different Saint James Ways.
A former international basketball player, Sol is a woman of challenges. Through Basqueart Tours she organizes and leads Cultural Walking Tours along the French, Northern, Baztanese and Portuguese Caminos as well as Foodie Tours and Watercolor Workshops in the Basque Country. Sol truly enjoys the outdoors, nature, hiking, and sharing her passion for the culture and beauty of her country with Basqueart Tours clients.



Pauline holds a B. A. in Business Administration and is fluent in English, French, German and Spanish. She is a former Spanish top division basketball player. Mother of a teenage girl, she has lived in places as different as the United States, Spain, Oman and Qatar, which makes her a citizen of the world. She loves hiking and enjoying the outdoors. One of her hobbies is knitting and patchwork. She dares with everything, it can be a scarf, a poncho, a baby suit or a wonderful quilt. She is an artist with knitting needles. Pauline brings her knowledge, wide experience and cosmopolitan vision and is one of Basqueart’s assets.



Eduardo studied Communication, Marketing, Animation and 3D in New York City. He is passionate of new technologies and loves his work.

Lover of nature and especially of activities in the sea, he is a  Professional Skipper for Recreational Boats, PPY.

Eduardo is in charge of the marketing and website of Basqueart Tours.