Basque in one-of-a-kind experiences where we unite nature with culture and gastronomy to design our different tours: The Saint James Ways, Foodie Tours and Watercolor Workshops. BASQUEART provides personalized support to help you to make the most of your experience.


Come with us to enjoy a unique journey of discovery on the First European Cultural Route, recognized by the Council of Europe in 1987. Choose between four different Caminos, the French, The Northern or Coastal, the Baztanese or the Portuguese, where a new culture was born from the convergence of peoples of diverse backgrounds, based on the free exchange of ideas, artistic and social trends.


Basqueart Tours enables you to discover exceptional natural landscapes, picturesque fishing towns, daily life in the rural hamlets and villages while immersing yourself in local culture, history, art and the one of a kind gastronomy of this land.


All of our tours are guided. If you are a “solo traveler” or you have a private group just tell us your ideas and we will tailor a tour that will suit all your interests and needs.