1. General

Basqueart Tours is operated by Basqueart, S.L., a company registered in Spain as a Sociedad Limitada, S.L., (limited liability company), with fiscal number B20744231, and in compliance with all financial, legal and insurance requirements under Spanish Law and regulations. Basqueart Tours is a registered Travel Agency with the regional government of the Basque Country (C.I.E. 2496). Basqueart is a registered name.

2. Eligibility

Our web published tours are limited to persons 18 years of age or older. For family groups with children we suggest  booking a private customized tour.

Tour members must be in good physical and mental health. Physical disabilities requiring special attention or treatment must be disclosed to Basqueart Tours when a reservation is made. The fact of not mentioning this implies the cancellation of the trip with no right to any refund, even if the person is already at the starting point of the tour.

3. Reservations and Payment

How to make a reservation

  1. On-line Reservation Form: you must complete and submit our On-line Reservation Form.

On receipt of the reservation form, a representative from Basqueart Tours / Basqueart S.L.  will advise you on how to make payment of the deposit, or full payment, if your reservation is made less than 90 days before the tour starting date.

  1. A deposit of 300€ (three hundred euros) is required to reserve a space on any given tour with the outstanding balance to be paid 90 days before tour starting date. Full payment is required to secure reservations made less than 90 days before tour starting date.

Payment of the deposit and balance should be made via our online booking and payment system. Payment should be made by credit card via our website’s secure links, or by electronic bank transfer to the account as described by your Basqueart Tours´ representative.

You must pay any applicable charges to ensure we receive the full amount due for the trip. If you pay by bank transfer, just ask the bank to ensure the payment amount is received in full and that you pay for any applicable charges.

Reservation Confirmation

Once we have received both the reservation form and the deposit we will confirm your reservation on the chosen tour by sending you a receipt of payment via e-mail, detailing the total cost of the tour, the amount paid and, where necessary, how much remains to be paid and the deadline for such payment. This confirmation email will also include as an attachment a Release and Assumption of Risk form (Liability Waiver), which must be signed and returned in order to finalize the reservation process.

A contract shall come into effect between you and us upon receipt by us of the relevant deposit or, in the case of a late booking, upon full payment of the tour price.

On receipt of full payment we will send an e-mail confirming receipt of payment together with a hotel contact list for your itinerary.

4. Late bookings

You may book a tour at any time less than 90 days before departure, without extra charges. Confirmation will be subject to availability. Payments for late bookings must be made in full and should be paid by electronic bank transfer.

5. Cancellations, Modifications, Alterations and Refunds

Cancellation must be notified to us in writing, and will only be effective upon receipt by us.

Upon we receive your notification, Cancellation fees will be in  accordance with the following schedule:

  • More than 90 days before the starting tour date: 100€ per person.
  • 89 – 61 days before the starting tour date: 150€ per person.
  • 60 – 45 days before the starting tour date: 35% of full cost of the trip.
  • 44 – 30 days before the starting tour date: 50% of full cost of the trip.
  • 29 – 15 days before the starting tour date: 75% of full cost of the trip.
  • Less than 14 days before the starting tour date: 100% of full cost of the trip.

Bank Transfer Fees: All the above are subject to applicable transfer fees. Basqueart  Tours /Basqueart S.L. will transfer the remainder back to a bank account of your preference  but retaining all applicable bank transfer fees  to be subtracted from said remainder.


No refund is available for late arrival/early departure/ unused portion of a tour.


Cancellation of a tour by Basqueart Tours

Basqueart Tours / Basqueart S.L. reserves the right to cancel a tour at any time for any reason prior to departure and in such case will refund in full any payment of the tour price made by the participant.

Basqueart Tours / Basqueart S.L. is not responsible for penalties incurred due to the purchase of non-refundable airline tickets.

The published price of Basqueart Tours trips represents a package price for the services offered and an itemization of individual components will not be rendered under any circumstances.

If you wish to alter your booking (eg: switch to a different tour or change dates), we will use all our reasonable efforts to comply with your request, however you will be obliged to pay for any additional expenses that are incurred as a result (eg: cancellation fees payable to hotels and/or other suppliers). In addition, we may charge, at our discretion, an amendment fee of up to a maximum of 60 EUROS per person to cover the necessary administration costs incurred. If you decide to change your holiday in any way once it has commenced, we accept no liability for any loss, damage or additional expense and we cannot guarantee a refund of any costs already paid by you.

In case of a shortage of participants, Basqueart Tours / Basqueart S.L. reserves the right to substitute a comparable tour package, and will issue a refund, if applicable, equal to the difference in the tour package prices.

Basqueart Tours / Basqueart S.L. also reserves the right to modify itineraries, order and content of activities due to local conditions, weather or other reasons.

Basqueart Tours / Basqueart S.L. reserves the right to modify scheduled or advertised accommodations due to local circumstances – in this event, we will make every reasonable effort to substitute accommodations of comparable quality, as determined by us. In the event that we can only locate substitute accommodations of a significantly lower level of quality, as determined by us, we will issue refunds of monies equal to differences in room rates between original and replacement accommodations.

6. Responsibilities, ´Force Majeure´, & Assumption of Risk

As a trip member, you have a responsibility to other tour members and to Basqueart Tours /Basqueart S.L. tour leaders / guides or representatives. This includes:

    • Getting to the tour starting point on time
    • Selecting a trip appropriate to your physical ability and interests, and being in good enough health to fully participate in the trip
    • Preparing for the trip by reading all pre-departure information sent to you by Basqueart Tours / Basqueart S.L. and bringing with you appropriate clothing and equipment.
    • Acting in an appropriate and respectful manner in accordance with the customs and laws of Spain.

Tour participants must recognize that, during any of these tours, certain risks and dangers may occur including, but not limited to, the hazards of such activities as walking and hiking along road, paths and open terrain; the possibility that accidents and illness may occur, or that the forces of nature and transportation modes may cause inconveniences, delays and/or cancellations. Tour participants are completely responsible for their individual wellness, well-being and physical fitness before and during the tour.

Basqueart Tours / Basqueart , S.L. reserves the right to accept or decline continued participation of any tour participant at any time, if, in the judgement of the tour leader/guide, said participant’s behaviour is causing unreasonable disturbance or harm to tour leader/guide or other tour participants. In such cases, Basqueart Tours /Basqueart S.L. ‘s liability is limited to the actual cost of the unused services, to be determined according to reasonable criteria by  Basqueart Tours / Basqueart, S.L.

Basqueart Tours / Basqueart S.L. cannot accept liability or pay any compensation for loss or damage of personal effects, or any injury or loss during the trip due to ‘force majeure’, or where the performance of our contractual obligations is prevented or affected by ‘force majeure’. In these booking conditions, ‘force majeure’ means any event which we or the suppliers of any of our services in question could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. Such events may include war or threat of war, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, floods, adverse weather conditions, and all similar events outside our control.

Under no circumstances does Basqueart Tours / Basqueart S.L. accept any responsibility or liability for any loss or damage of personal effects or for any injury or loss during the trip, ‘force majeure’ notwithstanding, due to other acts or incidents beyond its ability to control, such as behavior of tour customers, actions of transport providers, activity organizers, or any other service suppliers, thefts and dangers incident to land travel.

7. Insurance

We require that all clients provide proof of having appropriate travel and personal insurance cover, including accident insurance. We recommend that your coverage also include trip cancellation.

8. Prices

The tour price covers planning, operating and handling fees and expenses from specified tour starting point to specified tour ending point.  All prices are listed in EUROS, and are subject to periodic adjustments due to increases in the rates of our service providers (hotels, transport, etc.). However, once a deposit has been paid, the tour price is guaranteed. All prices listed are per person, based on double occupancy.

If single participants wish, we will do our best to assign them a roommate of the same gender, so as to take advantage of the double room rate. If no acceptable roommate is available by tour confirmation date, the single occupancy rate will apply.

Included in Tour Price on Guided Tours

  • Welcome meeting at tour starting point and subsequent accompaniment throughout the tour to tour ending point, by one or two English-speaking Basqueart Tours / Basqueart S.L. representative/tour leader/guide.
  • All ground transportation to and from accommodation and tour activities as per itinerary between tour starting and ending point.
  • Accommodation fees, taxes, service charges.
  • Meals as stipulated in each tour package.
  • Entrance charges necessary for museums and other organized activities as specified in tour itinerary.

Not Included in Tour Price

  • Airfare to and from Spain, Portugal or France.
  • Transport to tour starting point and onward from tour ending point
  • Airport taxes, departure fees.
  • Visa fees.
  • Personal car rental
  • Laundry service.
  • Phone calls, faxes.
  • Personal bar bills, or items consumed via room service or from hotel minibar refrigerators.
  • Entrance charges for any museums or other organized activities which are not specified as included costs in tour itinerary
  • Any charges in excess of those covered by the prepaid packages.

9. Documentation Requirements

It is the participant’s sole responsibility to ascertain whether visa(s) are required for entry into Spain, Portugal or France and to acquire such visa(s) and/or other travel authorization from the proper authorities prior to departure.

10. Equipment and Luggage

Our support vehicle will transport luggage throughout the trip itinerary. Luggage is limited to one medium bag per person. You will be responsible for carrying your own bag to and from any support vehicles and your hotel room. Trip leaders & guides will supervise the loading of luggage into the support vehicle.

All participants on our tours are advised to bring appropriate footwear. Please make sure these boots have been properly worn in before the trip. All participants must bring a backpack to carry daily essentials. For further information, please download our suggested clothing and equipment packing list on our website in the “Trip Preparation, Clothing and Gear” section of our website.

Travel and Preparation Information provided by Basqueart Tours

Any information given by Basqueart Tours / Basqueart S.L. in regard to visas, vaccinations, climate, clothing, special equipment, topography, etc., is done so in good faith and without responsibility on our part.

11. Complaints

In the event that you are not entirely satisfied with the service offered, you should notify us in the first instance. That will enable us to put matters right as quickly as possible. If the problem cannot be resolved during the holiday period, the client should contact us in writing within 14 days of returning from holiday and we will do our utmost to resolve the matter.

12. Law & Jurisdiction

These conditions and terms of contract and all matters arising therefrom are subject to Spanish Law and to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Spanish courts.