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Sue Scheer Arlington, Va, USA

Two fabulous trips to Spain couldn´t have been better organized in every way… The most glorious painting sites, best hotels, superlative restaurants. Sol, I look forward to Barcelona next year. Best wishes.

Barbara Bellesinni Perth, Australia

Sol, you were more than excellent, you were outstanding in your empathy for everyone in our 20 people group. Your knowledge, your easy going nature, your organization, certainly made my limited experience one to remember for life. I will highly recommend you!!

Stephen Fairfax, Virginia

Sol, I really enjoyed our tour, everything about it the hiking, the scenery, the culture, the unique hotels and wonderful meals and… all the questions you answered!! You cared for each one of us. I loved learning so much about the Camino and this country history. I wish you the very best and I hope we´ll meet again!  Buen Camino!!

Sue Helme Melbourne, Australia

Sol, you guided our Camino walk with style, generosity, flexibility and exceptional good humour. We had so much fun and shared many special moments along the way. You freely shared your impressive local knowledge and never got tired of answering my questions!! You went out of the way to do everything you could to make sure we had the best time possible. I loved walking with you, Sol and I recommend you highly to anyone thinking of traveling or walking in Spain, France and Portugal.

Sherry Australia

Dear Sol, you are such a lovely and loving woman and an inspiration to us all on the Camino. I can´t thank you enough for your encouragement and help in allowing me to achieve a long-held dream.

With many thanks and much affection,

Marion Canberra, Australia

Sol, you are an excellent communicator and tour guide who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the tours you lead. You have walked many Caminos and your background in anthropology and deep interest in culture helped to bring history  to life for me. I was very fortunate to walk the Portuguese Camino with you, Sol. My Camino experience was more than ´a walk´. It was a cultural experience and a deeply personal journey.

Steve Fleming Arlington, Va, USA

Sol, thank you so much for all you did to make our painting experience in Spain so wonderful.


Beth Turner Maryland, USA

I would use Sol and Basqueart for any guided tour expedition. She was always prepared and with good hotels and excellent transportation. She always made sure we saw and did everything we wanted and took excellent care of us.

I would recommend her for any workshops or tours you may plan in the future.

Theresa Aspen, Colorado

There are people in this world who shed light and goodness wherever they travel. You are just that person!! So very special in some many ways. Thank you so much for your generous heart and caring ways you made this a VERY special Camino for me.

Patricia Arlington, Va, USA

Sol, what a wonderful experience! The workshop has been an incredibly succesful adventure and one which I would highly recommend. Communicating with you has been delightfully smooth. I plied you with questions to which you responded promptly, providing all the information I had requested. You are exceptionally knowledgeable about your country and provide fascinating commentaries about it. Sol, we have enjoyed fabulous dining experiences. The hotels you have arranged were wonderful locations. You were perfectly comfortable when dealing with everyone we encountered, from hotel staff, to restaurant maître d´s, bar owners and local people. I was deeply impressed and indebted to you, Sol.

Donna Vancouver, Canada

Sol, thank you for all you did to make our trip so wonderful. We have wonderful memories to last a lifetime. Thanks!!

Kristine Seattle, USA

Sol, your bubbly personality and beautiful smile made this trip a wonderful journey. Thank you for all your care and your inner light that guided us all the way. Thank you for a life-changing experience.

Wendi San Diego, USA

Sol, what more can I say that I haven´t already?? I will remember you forever… How blessed I am that you guided me on this journey, on my “Way”!! Thank you so much. Love,

Deborah Rhodes Australia

Sol, you are an excellent tour guide and all round wonderful, skilled and energetic person. You can be relied upon in many circumstances to provide helpful information and solve problems. Your knowledge of Spanish culture, food, history and geography is perfectly matched with your understanding of travellers´interests and your extensive experience as a lovely long-distance walking.

Having walked the Northern Camino with Sol in Spain for two weeks, I strongly recommend her to those interested in one of her tours!!

Lauren Bethesda, Md, USA

Sol, your inner light guided us all the Way. Thank you for a life-changing experience.


Marie North Carolina, USA.

Sol, you were enthusiastic, knowledgeable, flexible and open to enjoy a spontaneous moment, always attentive and happy to make us comfortable, and with a great sense of humor! I will always have unforgettable memories of our Northern Camino! Sincerely, Marie

Francine & Mike Chicago, USA

Dear Sol, many thanks for making this trip such a memorable experience!!

Lesley Australia

My walking experience with you on the Northern Camino wasn´t just a walking tour, in addition, a Basque historical and cultural experience woven in so every day we learnt more about our context than we´d anticipated. Your fabulous sense of humour linked with a grounded experience of what travellers need meant it was lots of fun, a delight. Sol, you helped build a group of friends out of a raggedy set of strangers.

Silvana Perth, Australia

Dear Sol, thank you for your generosity, openness, patience and laugh!! I will always remember my Camino!!

Tessa Australia

Dear Sol, thank you, thank you, thank you. Why? For your patience, compassion, pearls of wisdom, support and tenderness.

All of this meant so much to me and contributed in a huge way to my success on the Camino. I am vastly greatful.

Love you Sol

Beth & Tom Montana, USA

Eskerrik asko!!! We thank you deeply for your wonderful care, attention to detail and historical education. We will both remember this time for our entire lives. You work so hard. Once again, Eskerrik asko!!

Louise & Heather USA

Dear Sol, I´m not sure I can find the right words to convey what the past 10 days on The Camino have meant to my daughter Heather and me. It has been, without a doubt, the very best experience we have ever shared. All of your hard work, your gentle spirit, your beautiful way have made such a difference to us. The care and attention you have shown us have been genuine and so appreciated.

Thank you for sharing all of your gifts with us. You have given us an experience we´ll never forget. Muchas gracias y Buen Camino!!

Jo Thompson Melbourne, Australia

Sol, from Porto (Portugal) to Santiago de Compostela (Spain) you were an amazing guide who made the tour so memorable for me. You are warm and engaging and an absolute pleasure to be with. You have such a vast knowledge of the region and patiently answered all our questions-most of which you would have heard many times before.

Your professional manner meant that you took everything on your  stride and provided attentive support to everyone on our disparate group. It was very clear to me that you have many years´ experience working in this field and you are incredibly good at what you do.

I was able to witness you going on and beyond the call of duty when one of our party was taking ill during the night. Sol did not hesitate to accompany them to the hospital as an interpreter.

I have been very fortunate to travel with a number of excellent guides over the years, but I can honestly say that you are the best tour guide I have travelled with to date. I would highly recommend a trip with you, Sol.

Diane & Rick Albott, USA

Sol, I have enjoyed your company immensely!! Rick and I have appreciated the knowledge of your countries history that you have shared with us. You have a wonderful sense of humour and have been a joy to be around.

May your experience the richness of love and joy in your life. And until we meet again, be happy and healthy!!

Kate L Melbourne, Australia

Sol, thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity and  amazing walking experience along the beautiful countryside of Portugal and Spain. You are so knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Although we were a group of 14 walking the Camino over a two week period, you were always calm and well organized. I keep very happy memories of this amazing journey. Thank you, Sol, for all your good-natured, encouragement and support.

Tess and Terry Evans Victoria, Australia

Sol, your patience, humour, commitment and good-nature put you in the exceptional class.

When we had a medical emergency, you sat all night with us at the hospital, acting as our much-needed translator. You remained concerned, kind and supportive through the long and uncomfortable night.

Sol you are a person who is trustworthy, efficient and totally committed to your clients. We will recommend you without reservation.

Rob Ware Melbourne, Australia

Long distance walking at the best time can be demanding but when walking in a country that speaks a different language and has unfamiliar local traditions and culture, a local guide can make all the difference. Sol made a fantastic difference as our local guide on our Northern Camino. As well as being a walking encyclopedia for all things local, Sol showed such patience and sensibility towards us foreigners and allowed us to walk at our own pace. A great sense humour, a brilliant storyteller as well as interpreter. Sol enriched our walk and opened our eyes to all things.